Meet the Birds


A Northern Crested Caracara. Found in Latin America., Stan is a bit of an odd bod. He is technically  a Falcon  he behaves like a Vulture and is often known as the Mexican Eagle. He is 2 years old. He enjoys puzzles and small objects. Keep an eye on your belongings as he likes to horde things.

Stanley has an interesting call

He throws his head back and makes a rattling noise.

Come and greet him

Stanley can be seen daily. It is  particularly fun when he gets his mid afternoon meal at the 2.30pm display. 


Raggy is a Lanner Falcon. Found in the southern Mediterranean and large parts of Africa. The Lanner has been used in Falconry for centuries and in ancient Egypt  worshipped as a god.

Like all falcons the Lanner is extremely fast. A close cousin of the Peregrine who holds the title of the fastest animal on the planet.

Ragnar is named after Ragnar Lothbrook the famous Viking who spent time on Orkney. Ragnar Lothbrook is  a well know character in the TV hit Vikings.

Flying to the Lure

You can see Raggy attempt to out manoeuvre Keith most days at the 1pm display.  He chases the lure which is a replica of  his natural prey, birds.


We challenge anyone to catch this super fast bird on film or photo as he swoops over Skaill.