Viking Week 17th - 23rd August 2019

Skaill House Falconry is delighted to take part in Orkney's Viking Week.

Falconry is part of our cultural heritage. It is often forgotten about and misunderstood, but man has had a unique bond with Birds of Prey for thousands of years. Like the horse and the dog,  hawks and falcons have been with us for a very long time.

Photo credit Joanne Bourne

Keith with Derek the Harris Hawk


Our display Admission for this week only will be £10 for adults and £8 for children and senior as it is an interactive display and  will start at 1 o'clock. 


The display will consist of a talk about the folklore involving owl, hawks and falcons. A demonstration of how the Norsemen used hawks and falcons to hunt in their every day life as Falconry is mentioned in the Sagas numerous times.

Fun fact: Falconry was practiced in Sandwick

We look forward to seeing you there

Aspects of all displays are weather permitting

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Falconry the Viking Way £10.00

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